What is an Association? What is the purpose of the Association? The best way to answer those questions is the phrase…Churches Connected for the Commission. St. Louis Metro is 140 churches connected for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Churches: The Association is about churches…churches in various parts of the city…churches of various sizes…churches with various styles and structures…churches that relate and reach different people groups…churches that are new and old…churches that are strong and growing while others are struggling and declining. The Association is a collection of all kinds of churches. Everything the Association has; personnel, resources, monies and ministries exist for churches. We are here to assist and serve churches.

Connected: The Association is about connecting churches. We are here to connect churches. Connect city and county churches, strong and weak churches, small and large churches, traditional and contemporary churches, new and old churches, African American churches and Anglo churches. The many types of churches and missions of the Association are connected for one primary reason and that is to complete the commission given to us from Jesus. We are stronger and more effective connected than independent.

Commission: The Association is about fulfilling the Great Commission. St. Louis Metro is structured to strengthen existing churches, start new churches and send all churches to obey the Great Commission. We exist as a group of churches not for ourselves or to promote a denomination, but to be churches embracing the Acts 1:8 challenge. We are to be on mission to share the gospel in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth.

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