Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal part of life and church life. God’s word has much to say about how His people are to handle and process conflict. The St. Louis Metro staff has been trained and are willing to help churches biblically resolve issues of conflict in the church. A great resource that can be used along with the Bible is Peacemakers by Ken Sande. Contact Jim Breeden or Michael Byrd to set an appointment or to secure additional resources to assist your church in the area of conflict.


Health Surveys

St. Louis Metro offers several church health assessments to help congregations identify needs in their congregation. These include:

Transformational Church Survey – This survey is based on the book Transformational Church by Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer. There is a charge for this survey based on the average attendance of the church. St. Louis Metro churches receive a 15% discount when they order the survey through our office.

Church Health Survey – This Survey was developed by Dr. Chuck Lawless and measures a church’s effectiveness based on the six purposes of the church: evangelism, prayer, worship, discipleship, ministry and fellowship. There is a fee with this survey.

Natural Church Development – This survey from Church Smart Ministries measures eight key components of church health.

Vital Signs for a Healthy Church – This free survey from the Missouri Baptist Convention measures a church’s health in the areas of evangelism, Sunday school/discipleship, fellowship, ministry/missions and worship.

For more information on these surveys contact Jim Breeden or Michael Byrd.