In June of 2016, thousands of volunteers will come from across the country to help churches in the St. Louis area execute ministry projects. These projects will share the gospel with and seek the welfare of our metropolitan area.  Crossover projects include door-to-door evangelism, block parties, medical clinics and servant evangelism. Is God calling your church to get involved by providing ministry in a local neighborhood or assisting a church in St. Louis? Check out the Crossover website for more information.


Events Leading up to Crossover

First Friday Prayer & Fasting October 2

Crossover Prayer Rally November 1  |  3:30 - 5PM  |  Parkway Baptist Church 12465 Olive Blvd.  St. Louis, MO  |  Featuring Dr. Gary Frost, NAMB

First Friday Prayer & Fasting November 6

First Friday Prayer & Fasting December 4

First Friday Prayer & Fasting January 1

First Friday Prayer & Fasting February 5

First Friday Prayer & Fasting March 4

First Friday Prayer & Fasting April 1

First Friday Prayer & Fasting May 6

First Friday Prayer & Fasting June 3

For St. Louis June 9 - 13

Crossover Saturday June 11


Get Involved Now

Help House Guests: Lodging is needed for out-of-town groups who will be serving at Crossover. Please contact Tom Firasek if your church is available. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will be providing mobile showering facilities, so host churches are NOT required to provide showers! Lodging is needed for the dates of June 5 - 14.

First Friday Fast:  St. Louis Metro is asking local churches and pastors to set aside the first Friday of every month to fast and pray for God to bring a harvest during Crossover. No matter how hard we work, we will not see God glorified unless the Holy Spirit goes before us. You can sign up to join First Friday Prayer and Fasting and receive our updates and prayer requests.